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chineseminers repatriated from british columbia

University of British Columbia Library: The Chinese

2015 11 10&ensp·&enspChinese immigration into British Columbia began in the 1850s with the discovery of gold in the Fraser valley. Many of these early Chinese immigrants came from the Southern provinces of Guangdong Kwangtung and Fujian Fukien.


Hundreds of Canadian convicts repatriated from

2018 5 6&ensp·&enspSince 1978, 1,917 Canadians have been repatriated from foreign prisons, compared to just 136 foreign offenders leaving Canada to serve a sentence in their own countries.


Bringing the ancestors home:ms, repatriation

2018 10 9&ensp·&enspElder A­xu, Agnes Alfred, holding a ceremonial mask returned to the Kwakwakawakw First Nation, British Columbia.Photo: Courtesy of the Umista Cultural Centre, Vickie Jensen. This is the story of the Cranmer potlatch and the long struggle that happened after it ended.


Chinese Canadians in British Columbia

2018 10 3&ensp·&enspThe history of Chinese Canadians in British Columbia began with the first recorded visit by Chinese people to North America in 1788. Some 3040 men were employed as shipwrights at Nootka Sound in what is now British Columbia , to build the first European type vessel in the Pacific Northwest , named the North West America .


Andrea Sanborn The ceremonial Mask of the

2008 4 2&ensp·&enspAndrea Sanborn The ceremonial Mask of the Kwakwakawakw First Nations from the Britishm on long term loan to the Umista Cultural Centre in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada



2018 9 29&ensp·&enspPatriation was the political process that led to full Canadian sovereignty, culminating with the Constitution Act, 1982. That Act was necessary because under the Statute of Westminster 1931, with Canada's agreement at the time, the British parliament had retained the power to amend Canada's Constitution Acts Statute of Westminster sec. 71


Totem Poles indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca

For many years in the history of British Columbia, the presence of totem poles in the province came under threat by non Aboriginal settlers who predominantly viewed the poles as paganistic, and an impediment to colonial efforts to Christianize and civilize First Nations people.


Mysterious holes appear in ghost town cemetery in

2017 5 26&ensp·&enspThe Chinese graves pictured here in the Granite Creek cemetery were exhumed decades ago, but the site's caretaker says someone dug 16 new holes nearby that are about a half metre in size.


Repatriation Guidelines for Indigenous Peoples

Repatriation Guidelines for Indigenous Peoples. Such a list is available from the British Columbia Archaeology Branch. If the repatriated cultural materials and ancestral remains had been collected under HCA Permit, LOA will advise the British Columbia Archaeology Branch that the repatriation haspleted.


Chinese miners repatriated from British Columbia

2013 1 29&ensp·&enspCanadianpany HD Mining has sent some of its Chinese workers back to their home country following a court battle with unions in British Columbia