Boone Independent Restaurants

It is no secret that Boone is home to some the best restaurants in the state.  For a town of it’s size, Boone manages to successfully cram plenty of fantastic restaurants, of all types, into every corner of town.  Boone Independent Restaurants has a standing commitment to promote all things foodie to everyone living  here and visiting alike.

Recently, Booneview, a media forward blog run by Casey Helmick, has begun to make noise with the foodie section of the Booneview website.  The Best Of Lists have gotten people talking about how great food in Boone really is.  The independent restaurants in the High Country are happy to have another way to showcase the products they’re putting on the table.

At BiR, we’re really happy to be working with another local organization with similar aspirations to ours.  We love that folks in town are focusing their energy on promoting on the things that make Boone a great place to visit and call home.

While visiting Booneview, be sure to check out the popular Fotos Section and be sure to follow them on facebook, twitter, and definitely instagram.  The instagram feed is filled with lots of inspired photos from around the High Country.

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