Part of owning an independent small business means giving back to the community that has provided for your business.  High Country independent restaurant owners know this well and are always looking for ways to give back.  One way this is possible is to lessen our impact on the environment as a group.

One of the first projects BiR took on was to  assess the impact of our businesses on the environment by working with Blue Ridge Electric Membership Company and North Carolina Green Travel  to audit our member businesses.  This resulted in 4 member restaurants becoming certified Green Travel Establishments.

Since restaurants are inherently major consumers of energy, it seemed like a no-brainer to partner with Blue Ridge Biofuels, of Asheville, NC to recycle our used cooking oil.



All restaurants are using cooking oil to some degree and when they’re done, it is getting dumped into a container to be hauled off so another company can use it.  We might as well be doing this locally by working with another small business from Western North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Biofuels collects used cooking oil for the production of biodiesel.  Biodiesel is used many diesel powered transportation applications.  In addition to the High Country’s used cooking oil being used to power busses and trucks, Blue Ridge Biodiesel is also up to some exciting things with local farmers to produce a local non GMO artisan Canola Oil for area restaurant use.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning renewable alternative to petroleum diesel fuel. It can be used in any diesel engine, including on road vehicles, off road equipment, and #2 home heating oil furnaces.


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