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Watauga County Farmer’s Market Opening May 6th, 2017


Saturday marks opening day for the 2017 Watauga County Farmer’s Market Season.  The Watauga County Farmer’s Market is located at Horn In The West off of Horn Avenue in Boone.  This weekend is the beginning of the 43rd Season.  The following is a story about my first time (as an adult) visiting the farmer’s market.  


A Rookie Guide to the Market


My parents always told me that you had to go early to “get the good stuff!” This advice was enough to abstain from visiting the farmer’s market for me.  I do run a restaurant, and that means late hours!  One Saturday I happened to be up a little earlier than normal, so I suggested to my girlfriend (now fiance) that we go and see what all the fuss was about.   

Upon arrival, It was quickly apparent that it wasn’t about the produce.  This is Boone’s recurring street festival.  Every Saturday through November?  Nice!  The first thing I see is the truck (RIP) with the logo from my favorite coffee roaster.  Sweet I guess I’ll start with some Bald Guy Nitro Cold Brew.  The two shots of espresso I had pulled at home before we left were a rookie mistake.  Next Saturday I would be prepared for the cold brew.

With a cold brew plus espresso buzz coursing through my system, I started walking the gauntlet of vendors and people.  Lauren and I both have pretty bad self-diagnosed ADD so efficiently navigating all of the tents was tough.  We were seeing everyone we knew.  Working in a restaurant provides many friends and even more acquaintances.  

We begin by grabbing some incredible looking heirloom tomatoes and then make our way down to a vendor selling something we can only smell from our distance.  SCORE.  Proper is selling homemade breakfast biscuits out of a van.  Maybe one these will take this coffee buzz down a notch. 

Next, we start browsing all of the leafy greens.  We see the farm that our weekly CSA bag is from.  We got a full share for two people.  Another rookie mistake this year.  That reminds us that we don’t need any greens.  The refrigerator at home is full of kale and spinach.  We’re already freaking out over what to make with all of it.  Maybe a new blog with what to do with the giant CSA bag?  

After checking out some of the local crafts and a wide selection of obscure seedlings, we head back up the parking lot towards where we began.  On the right, there is a lady selling sourdough bread.  The line isn’t small so I using that logic I go check it out.   The jalapeno sourdough buns are instantly recognizable.  My dad and stepmom always have these things at their house.  No wonder they’ve been telling me to go to the farmer’s market for the last eight years.  I pick up some of those and add them to our bag.  Pro tip:  Use your bag from your CSA each week to haul your goodies home from the farmer’s market!

After shaking hands and a few more “how are ya’s”  we finally make our escape.  I’m stoked.  We couldn’t be happier with the quality and selection of the food,  even early in the season.  We both saw people we hadn’t seen in ages, and we created a new routine.  Sleep in – just not as much – and then hit the Farmer’s, Market.  We’re both excited to go this Saturday to see what 2017 brings.  

**Check out Proper’s Listing on this site!

**For more info about the Farmer’s Market – Check out their website

Watauga County Farmer's Market Opening Weekend
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Watauga County Farmer's Market Opening Weekend
The Watauga County Farmer's Market opens this weekend. Saturday, May 6th, will be the first day to visit Boone, North Carolina's recurring street festival.
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Boone Independent Restaurant Association
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